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3/25/2013 · The SMBShare Module that comes with PowerShell 3 lets you administer network shares directly from within PowerShell. The cmdlets are easy to use, and it is my new favorite way to work with network shares. It’s the Quickest Way to Create a Network Share with PowerShell

GitHub – toolboc/psx-pi-smbshare: A swiss army knife for …

5/11/2019 · psx-pi-smbshare. psx-pi-smbshare began with the intent of allowing SMB sharing to Multiman and Open Playstation Loader from a Raspberry Pi. It has evolved into a Pi-based swiss army knife for enhancing classic game consoles.

Configuring a Windows SMB share TrueNAS Documentation Hub

1/29/2021 · How to set up a general purpose Server Message Block (SMB) share. SMB (also known as CIFS) is the native file sharing system in Windows. SMB shares can be connected to any major operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. SMB can be used in TrueNAS to share files with one user or device, or many.

Creating Shares in Windows Using the SmbShare Module in …

7/13/2017 · Fortunately, starting with Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 and PowerShell V3, we have the SMBShare module, which is now built in to Windows for easier creation of shares and assigning permissions compared to using legacy WMI approaches and makes automating the share creation process quicker than working through the UI.

MSFT_SmbShare, ROOTMicrosoftWindowsSMB

MSFT_SmbShare class from ROOTMicrosoftWindowsSMB namespace. 31

Creating SMB Shares Remotely – Power Tips – Power Tips …

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How to create a Shared Folder using PowerShell » Jorge …

5/18/2018 · In this post, I want to show how to create a shared folder using PowerShell. To do this, we can first check the PowerShell help to know the parameters of the New-SmbShare cmdlet. To check the PowerShell help, we will use the Get-Help command with the following syntax.

SmbShare Module Microsoft Docs

Set-SmbShare: Modifies the properties of the SMB share. Unblock-SmbShareAccess: Removes all of the deny ACEs for the trustee from the security descriptor of the SMB share. Update-SmbMultichannelConnection: Forces the SMB client to update the multi-channel-related information.

New-SmbShare (SmbShare) Microsoft Docs

The New-SmbShare cmdlet exposes a file system folder to remote clients as a Server Message Block (SMB) share. To delete a share that was created by this cmdlet, use the Remove-SmbShare cmdlet. Examples Example 1: Create an SMB share

How To Manage Windows File Shares with PowerShell …


4/20/2017 · If so, we can always use the Set-SmbShare cmdlet. This cmdlet allows us to modify existing shares. Perhaps I’ve got an existing share, and I need to set a description on it or even maybe change the caching mode? Both of these values are easily changed using Set-SmbShare. PS> Set-SmbShare -Name MyFileShare -Description ‘New description’ Confirm